iDISPLAY Thermometer

Outform’s iDISPLAY Thermometer is designed to instill a sense of trust and safety in people across industries as they re-commence everyday activities, and public gatherings post COVID-19. As we continue to find innovative ways to do our part in flattening the curve, Outform’s non-contact infrared Thermometers will enable our customers to invite users back in stores, schools, and work, in a cost-effective, efficient, and safe way.

iDISPLAY Thermometer packages start from £1,299*
Including free installation and set up.**

*plus vat – **Free installation and set up within 20 miles of Milton Keynes charges may apply out of this area

Works with protective masks

Works with protective masks

wifi ready

WiFi Connectivity

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Different height options to suit all spaces

Floor-standing and countertop models fit the needs of specific locations and heights of visitors.

 iDISPLAY Thermometer works great in…

  • Receptions

  • Offices

  • Factories

  • Shops

  • Colleges

  • School

  • Restaurants

fever alarm

Custom Fever Alarm

Height Options

World Leading Thermal Imaging Technology

Available Options

  • Hand Sanitizer
    Designed to keep users safe, and create peace of mind in public spaces, iDISPLAY Thermometer has a built in hand sanitizer, and drip tray.
  • Facial Recognition
    iDISPLAY Thermometer can be programmed to include facial recognition to identify known staff and store valuable data.

Suitable for all places of work

22” Digital Signage Monitor Hand Sanitiser Station

Kills 99.99% of Bacteria
in 30 seconds

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22” Digital Signage Monitor Hand Sanitiser Station

A really simple solution

All that the user needs to do is connect a network cable, and the digital signage will start to play. Launch the Now Signage App, enter the pin code and the Signage will start to play. The product will be set up before despatch with the Now Signage software and the pin code.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Sanitiser

  • 22″ Screen Size

  • USB Plug & Play

  • Built-in Hand Sanitiser Station

  • 5 Litre SeriZar Included in Package

  • Includes Mount

  • Alcohol Free & Non Flammable

  • Leaves Hands bacteria free for up to 6 Hours

  • Tested Food safe

  • Skin Safe

  • Will not dry out your skin

  • Safe for children and people with sensitive skin

  • Halal Certified